Digital Media: Google Docs Project

November 2, 2010

To log into Eugene 4J School District’s Google Docs page, click here. Then click “Google Docs.” Use your student username and student password to log in.
1) Once you are logged in, create a new document.

2) Write the beginning of a story. This beginning should do everything the introduction of a plot normally does (introduce characters, setting, and situation). This beginning should be at least 100 words.

3) Once you have your beginning, SHARE the document with another student in this class. Ask them in person if they want to trade before clicking SHARE. Make sure they have SHARED their story with you as well.

4) When you share, you are going to add another 100 words to the story that your partner started. Change the color of the text for the second hundred words, and include your name beneath your new section so we know who contributed.

5) Once the second person has added to your story, share it with a third person. The third contributer adds another 100 words. Repeat this process till five people total have contributed and the story is 500 words long or longer!!! Remember to change colors and sign your name every time!!!

6) Finally, from your Google Docs homepage, CREATE A NEW PRESENTATION… In this new Presentation, add a new slide for every one of the five sections of your story (five group members, 500 words, five sections, five colors = five different slides in Google Presentations).

7) On each slide, copy and paste that section of the story. Decorate each slide using new colors, images (from Google Image searches or from your flash drive), new fonts, etc. (Be sure to include the other four contributers’ names in your last four slides.)

8) Your finished Google Presentation of your five part story will be shared with the class for final credit by Wednesday, 11/10.


Digital Media: Garage Band Project

October 25, 2010

This week we will be partnering up and creating a new Garage Band music project. We will share these at the end of the week. Follow these directions:

1) Find a partner. If we have uneven numbers, groups of 3 are OK. (In some rare cases, I might allow you to work alone but I really want to encourage most students to work with a partner.)

2) With your partner, brainstorm on scratch paper the following things:

  • A title.
  • A genre (also called a style or type of music; examples: country, rock, classical, jazz, etc.)
  • A clear mood or theme (serious, funny, happy, sad, etc.)
  • Three or more instruments that fit your genre and mood.

3) Go into Garage Band with your partner and together (take turns at the keyboard so you both learn the controls of Garage Band really well) create a song that has the following:

  • 4 minutes or more
  • 4 tracks/layers or more
  • Three or more instruments that fit your genre and mood.
  • At least a couple sound effects
  • Optional Extra Credit: Include as part of your song a recorded track (Record your own voice using the microphone and insert it into the song OR record yourself using the keyboard function).

Welcome to Mr. Heinz’s Blog!

September 16, 2010

Welcome! Here you can find information on assignments in your Digital Media class as well as links to other student blogs, and more to come!

Welcome to Mr. Heinz’s Blog!

September 11, 2009

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